Specialty Loan Programs


Need a special loan program for your unique financial situation? At Waterstone Mortgage, we’re lending variety in our product offerings, and can help you find the best loan for your scenario.

Scroll through the list below to learn more about each loan program.


Condo Financing

At Waterstone Mortgage, we understand the challenges that face condo buyers and sellers. We have a variety of loan options to meet your needs and can help you get into your new condo quickly and without the hassle.

  • Variety of loan programs available
  • Financing available for purchases and refinances
  • Flexible condo review process
  • Competitive rates


Reverse Mortgages

If you’re a homeowner 62 years of age and older and need the financial freedom to continue living in your home, a Reverse Mortgage may help. Reverse Mortgages enable you to convert part of the equity in your home into funds you can use. Instead of paying a lender each month, the lender will pay you.

  • No monthly payments
  • The money you receive is not taxed
  • You choose how you receive your money
  • Keeps you in your home

Borrower eligibility requirements apply. Loan becomes due and payable when the last remaining borrower sells the property, permanently leaves the home or passes away. Taxes, insurance, and repairs are the responsibility of the borrower and must be maintained to avoid early repayment of the entire loan amount. Consult a tax advisor for questions about tax and government benefit implications. Subject to credit approval and program guidelines.